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Breastfeeding is a natural bond that extends numerous benefits to both the baby and the mother. For new mothers encountering difficulties in this journey, our professional lactation consultants provide invaluable support to overcome concerns related to breastfeeding.

The optimal time to seek counseling services is during the late antenatal period. Our experts equip mothers with evidence-based information, covering the risks of not breastfeeding, and highlighting the profound significance of breastfeeding for both mother and child. We delve into the impact of healthy birth practices on initiating and maintaining breastfeeding, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

Our counseling sessions encompass the basics of positioning and latching on the baby for effective breastfeeding, crucial steps in cases of maternal-infant separation, and tailored guidance for those expecting premature or special needs babies. Preparing mothers for every scenario, we empower them with the knowledge to navigate the intricate aspects of breastfeeding.


Dr. Ganga Anand

Dr. Ganga Anand

Speciality : Lactation Counseling and Physiotherapy

Experience : 7 Years

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